Company who specialized in next generation security network
HDN(HanDreamnet Co., Ltd.)

HDN who provides network security solution and takes care of the company’s security threats is focusing on maximizing customer values with the best solution and extending business opportunities with the challenging spirit.

To grow a global network security company
HDN keeps focusing on the product development and leading new security leadership
With three strategies of securing next generation network, HDN will extend the technical partnership with the global partners and reinforce the product quality of next generation network.
  • The first access label security switch in the world called ‘SG Security Switch
  • VIPM’ which help us to build ideal intra-network along with SG Security Switch
  • SG Backbone Switch’ having high availability and performance

HDN’s innovative technologies will be global standard and also be the core of new security technology in the near future.


Core Values

Strategic development of core resources

Strategic Development
Of Core Resources

Identifying and nurturing
creative resources to build
a future growth.

Future oriented R&D

Oriented R&D

Growth into a company that
leads changes with constant
R&D for future technologies

Reinforcing global competitiveness

Reinforcing Global Competitiveness

Leading global markets by equipping competitiveness for globalization and leading challenges towards success

Realizing customer satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Pursuing to be a company that
grows together with customers
by thinking and acting from
the customers’ perspective

Welfare And Benefits

HDN supports passion of its individual members. HDN shares fun of working together and being together by inducing positivity and active engagement.

Club support

Club Support
HDN respects free time of its members to know each other through personal preferences and friendship

Welfare point system

Welfare Point System
For special occasions such as ethnic holiday, athletic meets or company outdoor activities, HDN provides welfare points which can be freely used at its Welfare shop.

Book subsidy

Book Subsidy
HDN encourages reading books to its members for improving their capabilities to keep pace with the days and to better their work related skills.

Trainings & education support

Trainings & Education Support
HDN is actively supporting work-related education and personal empowerment training, so  that we can correspond to a change in technology & social competitively.

Regular in-house seminar

Regular In-house Seminar
By attempting strategic approaches through identification of trends of the network market, we can stay a step ahead of the market.

CI Overview

The corporate name called HDN(HanDreamnet) represents the meaning of ‘Realizing grand dreams’.

Color Representation
SKY BLUE: Security / Trust /Cutting-Edge/ Intelligence
BLACK: Premium / Sophistication / Inclusiveness
Graphic Representation
The shape of ‘H’ is based on the visualization of the speed of technological advancement reaching the customers as well as future technologies of HDN to lead the trend.
Logotype Representation
The logotype is a core element that delivers independent image of HDN by visualizing the impression of solid network security and robustness.

English Logo Type