History of HDN
featuring infinite endeavor and passion

As the network security specialist leading the next generation network security based on differentiated security technologies, HDN is creating new future with challenges and innovation.

Company Name
HanDreamnet Co., Ltd. (HDN)
Established Date
March 23, 2000
Main Business
Network Security Solution, Network Management System


    • 12. Awarded '7 Million Dollar Export Tower'
      Received a commendation from the 'Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy'
    • 09. 'Ministry of Science and ICT' Minister Award - Smart City Excellent Company
    • 07. VIPM, 'GS (Good Software) Certification' 1st grade acquired.
      Awarded ‘Korea Excellent Patent Award’ – Cloud Security Switch-related Patent.


    • 12. Achieved USD 5 million in exports in 2020 and exceeded USD 30 million in cumulative export performance.
      Seo Hyun-won, CEO of Handreamnet, received an award from the Minister of Science and ICT
    • 06. Officially launched 5 new security switches.
      – Cloud, Industrial, Whitelist-based security switch,
    • 03. The 20th anniversary of Handreamnet Co.,Ltd.


    • 06. Commendation as an excellent export company-Received the Seoul Mayor’s Award
    • 03. Selected as ‘Hi Seoul’ Brand, Seoul Business Agency


    • 03. Certificate of Designation Small Giant Company of Korea, Ministry of SMEs and Startups
      Establish ‘HDN Vina’ in HoChiMinh


    • 12. TTA Certification Award, Grand Prize – SG Security Switch
    • 08. Launched ‘VIPM Lite’ – IP management solution for small and medium size network
    • 04. Certified as ‘Youth Friendly Hidden Champion’ (Ministry of Employment and Labor)
    • 02. Launched HDN Technical Training Center
      Joint Development Agreement for Authentication
      Based Security Technology – Joheul Co., Ltd


    • 12. Won Top Award at 2015 Good Design Award(From Chief of Public Procurement Agency)
      Designated as a Hit Product of 2015
    • 11. Business Partnership Contract for SDN.NFV Market Extension – ATTO RESEARCH
    • 06. Nominated as a Participant of Export Capability
      Development Project for the Fast Growing Company
    • 04. Partnership Agreement with Lasernetworks (Hungary)
    • 03. 15th Anniversary of HDN
    • 01. Partnership Agreement with INNERGIA GROUP INTERNATIONAL SDN BHD (Malaysia)


    • 12. Designated as a Hit Product of 2014
      L7 Analysis Technology Development
      Development for the Traffic Management Technology
      of Switch Interworking
      Received Best Performance Assessment in Korea Online E-Procurement System
    • 11. Won Excellence Award at Software Quality
      Contest by Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning
      Won Commendation by Minister of Science,
      ICT and Future Planning
    • 07. Distributorship Agreement with Protecktnet, S.A de C.V (Mexico)
    • 06. Won the Project for Renovating Old LAN(Korean Army)
    • 05. Obtained Orders for Integrated Network(National Police Agency)/NIS(Education Office)/Smart school
    • 01. Launched 6 models of SG2200 Series, High Performance Security Switch
      Launched VIPM Plus, integrated IP resource control system


    • 12. Recertified as Promising Small & Medium Exporter
    • 10. Designated as the Best Workplace
    • 09. Won the Project from Armed Forces Medical Command
    • 07. Entered Industry-Academy Cooperation Agreement – Soongsil University
    • 05. Became the First Local Supplier of Backbone Switches
      for Renovating Old LAN of Korean Army
    • 02. Invited Investment from Small & Medium Business Corporation


    • 12. Agency Agreement with ITSE in Malaysia
    • 11. Opened Canada branch
      Contracted with Canada MCM
    • 10. Obtained TUV Certification in Canada
    • 06. Launched Backbone Switch – SG8000
      Introduced Interoperability with LG and Samsung PBX
      Introduced APT Interoperability with HDN Security Solution
    • 03. Finished SG2100 Series Line-up
      Acquired CC certification
      Opened the Manufacture Factory in Anyang
    • 01. Certification of the Venture Company


    • 11. Obtained two Domestic Patents
      – Network Switch and How to Notify the Switch Security
      – How to Handle ARP Packet of the Network Switch
      Finished 10G Switch
    • 06. Incorporated Japanese branch
    • 04. Acquired CC certification
      Acquired IPv6 Ready Logo Phase 2


    • 10. Selected as a Standard Equipment of Softbank in Japan
    • 03. Reached USD 1M Export to Japan
      Won BBB grade by Technical Assessment
      Launched Optical Models, Giga PoE Models
      Obtained Domestic Patent – PoE Switch Equipment Test
      IPv6 Security Engine Development
      Switch Based IP Access and Control Solution Development


    • 09. Produced ODM for Samsung Electronics
      Launched L3 Security Switch
      Launched VIPM, Integrated Network Management Solution
      Finished SG2000 Series Line-up
    • 01. Launched Security Switches in Japan


    • 10. Obtaiend Trade Marks of VNM
      Established a branch in Japan
    • 05. Obtained Patents for Security Switch and Security System


    • 10. IPT only PoE Switch Development
      Technical Realization of ARP Spoofing Block
    • 05. Produced ODM for LG Nortel
    • 04. Launched Worlds 1st Network Security Switch


    • 04. Launched L7 Session QoS SubGATE
      Launched 4Gbps Class High Performance QoS


    • 03. Established HanDreamnet Co., Ltd.(HDN)