Frequently Asked Questions

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   Do we need a software or solution for APT integration?

None of software is required for APT integration. Only HDN Security Switch and VIPM are required for APT blocking solution.

   What is the best advantage of HDN to interwork with APT solution?

APT solution will detect and block any malicious traffic or code at the gateway. However, APT solution can’t isolate the compromised PC or user from the network. In addition, there’s no way of APT solution to detect the malware traffic raised from internal users. HDN along with APT solution will detect/block any single malware traffic and prevent the trouble in advance.

HDN security solution can block attack from Layer 2 to Layer 4 but it can’t detect Layer 7 attack such as malicious code. Interworking between HDN solution and APT is able to detect and block L7 Layer attack too.

APT integration will be true end-to-end security platform against hacker/attacker who is inside or outside. So HDN can make more robust network for the company.

   Can HDN interwork with APT solution?

HDN solution can interwork with local brand and overseas brand for APT integration. Most of public institutions and IT association is applying HDN solution.

Please contact HDN sales for more information.

Email: / Tel: +82-1661-6650

   I can’t see the details of VIPM report. What should I do?

The Pack Install file has to be installed in advance to open the VIPM report.

Please install the file on System > Pack Install and try again.

   How do I download the user instruction of HDN product or OS image?

Manual and OS image can download HTSC site. You must have the valid account before downloading. Please contact your account manager.

   What is the default user ID and password of SG security switch?

The default user ID and password are ‘root’ and ‘root’ respectively.

V2.2.8 recommends you to change the password once you login with default ID and password. The password must have at least 9 digits having at least 1 upper/lower character, number and symbol.

   SSH access is not available since V2.2.8. What should we do?

SSH access requires higher level of security.

SSH software must support SHA-2 and AES for the connection of SSH from V2.2.8.

Here’re recommended software – Teraterm v4.80, SecureCRT 7.3 and Bitvise SSH Client v6.08

   SG Security switch can handle attack properly regardless of PC OS?

SG Security switch combines two different technologies -‘switching’ and ‘security’. So it will deliver user’s normal traffic without delay and detect/block any malicious traffic regardless of PC OS.

As result, SG Security switch provides security function based on the traffic. So the security function is not related with PC OS.

   Does VIPM support IP Management for the users who connected to the other brand’s switch?

VIPM, the integrated management solution of HDN, provides IP management function for users connected to the security switch. But it can also support IP Management function for the device who connected to other brand switches in the limited configuration.

VIPM can deliver IP Management function to the users/devices who connected to other switch but at least 1 security switch is needed in this case.

   Is VIPM mandatory when I purchase a security switch?

VIPM is another solution for IP and user device management. If you do not concern too much about device management, then you can use VNM.

But we recommend VIPM along with Security switch if you consider internal security threats. VIPM will give you additional advantages such as ‘batch configuration’, ‘IP Control and management’, and ‘Remote access control’ etc.

   I would like to know more about VIPM function and features.

VIPM provides IPAM and 4 other additional features.


IPAM needs “PROBE” and “IP Management Server” but VIPM doesn’t need these additional equipment so we can save the client’s initial investment for IPAM.

User/Device Authentication

NAC Client(Agent) and NAC server can be replaced by VIPM for the device authentication. There’re three different ways of IT manager to implement the device authentication - Log Server, Detect & Security, Access Control.
These features are more powerful compared to NAC solution.

NMS function

VIPM allows administrator to find a variety of information at a glance such as collection and management of security events from the security switch, managing topology of the security switch and IP usage. Also it supports batch firmware update or batch configuration changes for all equipments.

Bandwidth Management

This is one of IPAM features. VIPM can control user’s upload and download bandwidth with a few clicks.
This is different with switch’s rate limit feature. In a word, it is more powerful and enhanced bandwidth management features compared to the rate limit.

Command Control

VIPM can assign a different privilege to the manager based on the company’s policy.
In addition, it allows IT manager to configure specific command lists which doesn’t want the normal users to execute after log in – shutdown and reload etc.

   What are features of SG backbone switch?

SG backbone switch is designed for high availability, high performance to meet the large network’s requirement.

Depending on the model, maximum switching capacity of the system can be up to 2TB or 1TB. It supports max 384 ports for 1G interface and max 256 ports for 10G interface.

Also it supports virtual stacking that integrates 2 physical chassis into one logical chassis, which enables expansion of available capacity of the system. There is no restriction for using advanced features such as VRF/MPLS/Virtual Stacking.

Unlike other backbone switches, no other license is required for advanced features, so user can access all functions upon purchasing the product, which leads to reduced cost too.

   Does SG backbone switch come with references in operation?

SG backbone switch has been supplied to multiple customers including public institutions, companies, schools and military sites where they have been stably operating. Please contact our sales representative for details.

( / +82-1661-6650 )

   Which kinds of models are there of the SG backbone switch?

There are two types of chassis such as ‘SG8800’ and ‘SG8700’ depending on the port density.

SG8800 and SG8700 have 8 and 4 slots respectively.

   Can VNM manage other brand’s switch too?

You can add the other brand’s switch manually and then manage it like SG security switch.

You can monitor SNMP info and whether the general servers are on/off.

   Can I purchase VNM separately?

VNM is free software that comes with HDN security switch.

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