Successful business partnership
with assured cooperation and trust

While the paradigm shifts to enhancing security of the internal network, HDN implements secure channel policies and support the partner program for mutual growth as successful business partners.


HDN Partner Program

HDN Partner Model

HDN Partner Support System

HDN constantly supports the partners for their business based on the trust on the product and provides more diverse support programs in a bid to enhance competitiveness.

Sales Support

Sales Support

HDN provides various sales tools for smooth sales activities.

  • Provides standard proposal templates,
    product catalogue, certificates, demonstration materials and etc.
  • Materials are provided on the partner portal website.

Marketing support

Marketing Support

Timely marketing plans are implemented for the best support to the partners.

  • Diverse media including online platforms for advertisement and marketing
  • Joint marketing efforts
    including exhibitions and seminars
  • Sales campaign, promotions
  • Events for ‘Partner Summit’ and ‘Partner Day’

Training support

Training Support

Detailed and effective training based on case analysis that actually helps with business

  • Sales training
  • Technical training(basic, advanced)
  • Certificate system for sales/technical staff of partners