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No. Type Country Company Name Webpage
23 Gold Japan Hatsucoh Electronics Inc. www.hatsucoh.co.jp
22 Gold Japan System Quest Inc.  www.s-quest.co.jp
21 Gold Japan SoftBank C&S Corp.  cas.softbank.jp
20 Gold Japan Okicom www.okicom.co.jp
19 Gold Japan TAKARA JOHO www.takarajoho.com
18 Gold Japan NEC Networks & System Integration www.nesic.co.jp
17 Gold Japan Datacontrol www.datacontrol.co.jp
16 Gold Japan OTSUKA www.otsuka-shokai.co.jp
15 Gold Thailand ASI -
14 Gold Vietnam VISCOM -
13 Gold Vietnam SMTech -
12 Gold Vietnam WorldStar International J.S.C www.wsivn.com
11 Gold Hungary Lasernetworks www.lasernetworks.hu/
10 Gold Japan J`s Communication Co.,Ltd. jscom.jp
9 Gold Japan Fuji Electric IT Solutions www.fujielectric.co.jp/fsl