Backbone Switch

Next Generation Backbone Switch for Large size network
SG Backbone Switch

  • SG8800 / SG8700
Excellent performance and great expansion
SG8000 series are bundle type of backbone switch with distributed network architecture of ASIC + NP to ensure the highest reliability.


  • 특징 아이콘

    Tbps performance with regards to high performance architecture
    The backbone switch has 2Tbps switching capacity and 1,047Mpps throughput with diverse port density – 256 x 10G, 384 x 1G.
    It also ensure the full wired speed with non-blocking architecture and shows no performance degradation under IPv4 and IPv6 network.
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    High availability based on distributed architecture
    The architecture of ASIC+NP provides great reliability and has full redundant system structure (management, fabric and power).
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    Advanced functions
    It implements advanced functions such as IPv4, IPv6 (Static/Dynamic) Full Routing / Multi-VRF, MPLS L2 / L3 VPN function / Switch Virtual Clustering (through virtual stacking) with default license.
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    Intelligent Security
    The network is protected by preventing cable-looping.
    It provides MAC, IP and MAC+IP based user authentication along with L2~L4 ACL

Main Functions

  • Maximized performance through Non-STP configuration
    The Virtual Stacking technology utilizes all link resources for redundant configuration (Active-Active) so that whole system capacity can be expanded and failure recovery capability can be improved for the business continuity.
  • Flexibility to meet diverse demands and needs
    A variety of interface modules are supported in order to meet different customer environment and PoE function is also supported. The 24T24F module reduces unnecessary port consumption for the customer and provides great flexibility (UTP 24 ports, optical 24 ports).
  • Reasonable price and investment protection
    By adding a PoE card to the current UTP module, the IPT/UC/WLAN network can be established. Advanced functions such as Multi-VRF and MPLS VPN can be also provided without additional licensing cost.
  • Easy maintenance
    Hardware status can be monitored through the front LED. It can also be monitored by VNM(Visual Node Manager) which is a management software for security switch and backbone switch.

SG Backbone Switch Lineup

  • I/O interface
  • 8slots


  • I/O interface
  • 4slots


License Table
Model SG8800 SG8700
MP 2 2
SF 2 2
LP 8 4
PWR 4 4