Backbone Switch

High performance backbone switch
SG9900 backbone switch

  • SG9906 / SG9910
Excellent performance and high scalability
The SG9900 series has a distributed architecture
Adopting Full Redundant High Speed Bus, high stability and
Provides switching performance of up to 10Tbps to ensure the reliability of Dara Flow.


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    High switching performance of 10Tbps
    Maximum 10bps switching capacity and 5.713Mpps packet throughput, up to 32 100G ports and 384 10G ports
    Boasting and guarantee full wired speed by non-blocking architecture.
    The same performance can be achieved for IPv4 and IPv6 without compromising performance.
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    High availability due to dispersion structure
    Adoption of ASIC+NP’s distributed architecture ensures high reliability and is a full redundancy system structure (management, fabric, power).
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    Network virtualization
    Virtual Stacking technology virtualizes two physical devices into one logical device
    It increases the availability of resources and realizes fast failover of non-spanning tree composition.
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    Strong security function
    From network looping and blocking harmful traffic, it prevents user mistakes and malicious traffic.
    Protect your network.
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    IPv6 support
    Hardware-based processing for IPv6 provides the same switching function without performance degradation compared to IPv4.
    Supports perfect network configuration from IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack to IPv6 transition.
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    Redundancy design
    To minimize network downtime caused by Active-Stanby redundancy and failover of the management module
    Designed, and 4 switching fabric units designed in a shared manner constitute a stable non-disruptive network.

SG9900 Series Product Lineup





License Table
Division SG9906 SG9910
Performance Switching
5Tbps 10Tbps
Hardware All Slot 10 14
Management Module Slot 2 2
Fabric Module Slot 4 4
I/O Module Slot 4 8
Power Supply 7 7
Interface 10/100/1000
192 384
1000Base-X 192 384
10Gbase-X 192 384
40Gbase-X 32 64
100Gbase-X 16 32