High Performance Network Redundancy System

Network a single network interface (NIC) environment
Converted to redundant configuration, even in case of failure
Provide non-disruptive network services
Intelligent Failover System for Uninterrupted Network

  • FS2012G
Intelligent high performance network redundancy system
The Advanced FailOver System (AFOS) automatically switches to a different path in the event of a network failure,
preventing equipment downtime and providing a stable network service environment.

AFOS Summary

The redundancy configuration of terminals in a single network interface (NIC) environment enables non-disruptive network services to prevent facility outages.

Ethernet Path FailoverEstablishing a High Trust Network
Ethernet link failure detection
Hang up detection switch
Power failure detection
Ping, SNMP switch abnormality detection
Smart Network Connection RecoveryFast Failure Response
Communication protocol for fast recovery
Policy settings and batch switching by port group
Supports status maintenance and reversion after batch switching
Flexible System ManagementProviding differentiated management convenience
Providing port availability with 1RU 12Port Density
Various Management Protocol support
Easy management using Web
High ReliabilityEnsuring business continuity
Temperature, EMC, SAFETY
Quick maintenance is possible with hot-swap support of all modules including CPU modules


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    Approximately 0.1 second of path switching time
    Even if a switch breaks or a cable is disconnected, the equipment or application is not interrupted, and it is possible to maintain the state and return to the original state after batch switching within about 0.1 seconds.
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    Bypass module and power supply hot swap support
    You can greatly reduce the risk of equipment interruption due to a power outage with two AC power sources. In addition, if the network path is changed due to communication disconnection, the path is immediately restored.
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    Up to 12 simultaneous connections
    Various network configurations are possible with port availability up to 12Port Density depending on the installation environment.
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    Prevent power problems
    Network communication is possible even if the power supply to AFOS is lost due to a sudden power outage.
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    Support for various recovery modes
    When the path recovers after a failover action, you can choose to restore to an existing interface or maintain its current state, depending on your administrator settings.

Comparison Of Single Network Interface Environment And AFOS Configuration Environment

General environment

AFOS configuration environment

Various Failover Mode Support

Three Failover Modes are available for AFOS Ethernet Path Failover

CM Failover Mode

  • Failover by monitoring communication status with upper switch in Control Module
  • Detect upper switch hang up

LSM Failover Mode

  • Falover by detecting link status with upper switch in Link Switch Module
  • Cable failure and upper switch power failure detection

Heartbeat Failover Mode

  • Failover by Probe packet monitoring using Heartbeat generator
  • Detect the whole network communication path status