Intelligent network integrated management

Smart and convenient network management
VIPM (Visual IP Manager)

Build an optimal internal security infrastructure with security switch
VIPM is IP Management Solution for user & equipment control, and traffic management when it connects with SG Security switch.


  • 특징 아이콘

    Non-Agent based user authentication solution
    SG security switch is capable of independently collecting and controlling user information without agent or probe.
  • 특징 아이콘

    UTM/APT/EMS Integration
    HDN solution can interwork with other security solution such as APT, UTM, Firewall and IPS through the log exchange so that a compromised user device can be isolated from the network and will get Web-Alert message as notification.
    Interworking with other security solutions
  • 특징 아이콘

    Web based UI
    Only a web browser is needed to configure functions – user authentication and control and setting up SG security switch.
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    System status through the front LED
    LED blinking itself shows the systems status at a glance.

Main Functions

  • User access control
    Any unauthorized access to the network can be blocked at the switch level.
    At the same time, the users will receive the block alert message and authentication page.
  • IP Management of connected IP devices and unused IP
    Real time IP management along with B/W management
  • Bandwidth management
    Traffic usage of individual users can be monitored and inbound/ outbound traffic can also be controlled.
  • SMS, E-mail alert
    Any abnormal event such as harmful traffic, unauthorized access or switch hardware event is alerted to the mobile device or email.
  • One-Click configuration recovery
    For replacing SG security switch, the user may apply the current configuration of the switch to the new one with a single click for fast recovery from a failure.
  • Multi-tenant Management
    Administrator assigns different privileges to the users who control Group or Devices.

VIPM Product Lineup

VIPM Enterprise
  • Up to 10,000 users
  • Dual power supply support(option)
  • Raid 1 support(option)

  • Small-medium size
  • Up to 512 users

VIPM Smart
  • Japan Market
  • Up to 500 users