Intelligent network integrated management

Integrated monitoring of whole network and connected terminals
VNM (Visual Node Manager)

Integrated switch monitoring at a glance
VNM is an integrated network monitoring software capable of identifying the location of connection and the device connection status


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    Windows based easy operation environment
    VNM can be installed on Windows PC for the purpose of easy maintenance.
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    Integrated monitoring of other vendor’s switches
    VNM will use SNMP for the management of other vendor’s switch.
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    Server and client based operation environment
    Multiple administrators can be added for the network management, which will be a right solution for headquarter and branch environment.
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    Remote network monitoring
    The security switch installed at the remote site can be monitored and managed with a different privilege.

Main Functions

  • Network Topology
    Network Topology can be used for enabling the user to manage the network easily in case of the network failure or unexpected attack.
  • Schedule Report
    VNM provides a very high level report function to let CIO and IT Manager know the malicious traffic status and manage the network properly by informing that to the user. This guides an individual user to utilize the company intranet well.
  • Real Time Monitoring
    Network attack and equipment failure will be reported to administrator through VNM real time.
  • Log Report
    Log Collection based on users, system, harmful traffic, etc. This information will send to an administrator for further analysis.
  • Email/Web-Alert
    Alert will be sent to the users making malicious traffic. In addition, the report will be sent to an administrator via email.
  • Auto System Backup
    Auto system backup configuration will be saved whenever it’s changed.

Network Topology

Real Time Malicious Traffic Status

Switch Configuration

Network Traffic Status