Smart Switch

Next-generation Smart Switch
HN Series

High-performance switch to pursue management convenience and service stability
The next-generation Smart Switch HN Series provides a safe network service environment by automatically blocking the cable looping that occurs inside, and is an optimal network switch that can be trusted in medium/small-scale network environments.


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    High performance switch
    Providing 20~56Gbps switching capacity to ensure high-speed data transfer, and supporting 8K MAC Address Table to provide high-capacity packet switching.
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    Excellent management capabilities
    It has built-in SNMP Agent function that administrator can control and manage using ESM and NMS system, and provides management function through SNMP, Telnet, SSH & Console.
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    Enhance internal security at user interface
    Self Loop Detect, ARP Spoofing is automatically detected and blocked to enhance internal network security, and real-time verification of problem-prone users and access ports is possible through VNM.
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    MDI/MDIX conversion function
    It detects the cable connection status (straight-through or crossover) of the Ethernet interface and provides the function to automatically adjust the configuration of the interface accordingly.
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    Easy installation and configuration
    It is a 19-inch standard rack installation structure, and it is designed to be easy to use, so that users who operate it can quickly configure and manage it.

Main Functions

  • Block Network Attack
    Through traffic analysis of Layer2~Layer4,
    Storm Control, Self Loop Detect, ARP-Spoofing, DoS Prevent blocking function provided
  • Blocking cable looping detection
    Automatic detection and blocking of cable looping prevents network failures,
    and VNM enables real-time verification of locations and ports for rapid problem resolution
  • QoS(Quality of Service)
    Effective in minimizing traffic loss through priority setting, ensuring network quality and efficient bandwidth management
  • Easy Management
    Supports easy management functions such as integrated network management using VNM, Network Topology, and PoE usage measurement

HN Series Product Lineup

HN 1000 Series
  • Stable PoE power supply
  • Network integration control
  • Voice quality assurance and stable IPT configuration support